Farmalogic ReFLEX
Farmalogic ReFLEX

Farmalogic ReFLEX

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Farmalogic ReFLEX is a blend of scientifically proven ingredients to assist the joint health and mobility of racing, performance and aged horses.

Glucosamine - an important component of joint fluid, joint capsules, tendons and ligaments.

Hyaluronic Acid - important for joint lubrication and stimulation of tissue repair.

Chrondroitin - delivers nutrients to joint cartilage and protects joints from degradation.

Omega-3 fatty acids - can reduce inflammation and promote blood flow.

Gelatin - contains amino acids and collagen that are important precursors for building healthy joint tissue.

Vitamin C - essential for building healthy cartilage tissue.

Serve size 40g/horses, 20g ponies once daily. One serve contains:

DHA/EPA-2810g, Omega-3 -2800mg, Glucosamine -5000mg, Chondroiton-600mg, Vit C- 2500mg, Gelatin - 5800 mg, Hyalauronic Acid - 60mg.