Farmalogic Melox

Farmalogic Melox

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Farmalogic Melox is a scientifically balanced blend of antioxidants to support horses undergoing oxidative stress induced by intense exercise or immune challenge.

Contains dried melon fruit rich in superoxide dismutuse(SOD), natural sourced vitamin E, vitamin C and pure organic selenium.

Melox protects tissues from free- radical oxidant damage during oxidative tree, injury or illness.

Reduces muscle and cell membrane damage during intense exercise.

Improves semen quality and quantity.

Stimulates production of primary antioxidants.

Stimulates horses' natural defences and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

A 9g serve contains:

Vit C- 4800mg, Vit E-1800IU, Selenium-1mg, with melon fruit extract (a source of SOD), yeast extractions and flavour.