Laminitis Fighter
Laminitis Fighter

Laminitis Fighter

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Farmalogic Laminitis Fighter provides nutritional support to overweight and laminitis prone horses with prebiotic, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, collagen and biotin.

Scientific trials have demonstrated that the special prebiotic used in laminitis fighter can improve insulin sensitivity in overweight horses.

Omega-3 oils are included for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Biotin and collagen for healthy hooves and joints.

Antioxidants to help the body neutralise the free radicals that may be present during a laminitic episode.

Serve size 45g/ponies and contains per serve:

DHA/EPA- 2000mg, Vit C-2400mg, Vit E-950mg, Biotin -10mg with MOS, gelatine and prebiotic fibres.